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I live in Melbourne FL over 400 miles from Panama City....where my mentally ill 41 year old son got in trouble with the law during one of his many manic and delusional episodes. Knowing that the public defenders can only do so much I searched the internet and after speaking over the phone with several attorneys......I picked Jonathan Dingus....because of his credentials and experience. He began right away suggesting a course of action we could take to get my son help and not just leave him in jail......With his help and direction we were able to get my son professionally evaluated in jail by a Clinical Psychiatrist ...and as a result get the court to send my son to get help at the mental hospital.....After my son's hospital stay was complete Mr Dingus found my son an inpatient rehab program that he could go to to hopefully get better. I recommend Mr Dingus because he knew what to do and he did everything he said he would do to get my son to a better place for now and he also worked within our budget. I don't know what anyone else could expect from a hired attorney!

~ Francis Golub, Melbourne

I know in many cases in this day and time, you don't bring God into law or politics. But, God brought this attorney into our lives in one of our darkest hours. Mr. Dingus was compassionate and caring. Qualities you don't often see in law anymore. He was brutally honest with us from the beginning. Whether it was what we liked or wanted to hear. He NEVER lied or misled us. Granted, we didn't get the outcome "we" had hoped for but I can't and won't blame that on his abilities. With what he had (or didn't have to work with) played a vital role in our outcome. His patience is beyond explainable. So, I'll say ... If you are looking for a fair and HONEST criminal attorney, I urge you to speak with him. God bless this man in his future works.

~ Cheryl Bailey, Panama City

If you want a lawyer that will be honest with you, return your phone calls , who treats people with respect, knows the law backward and forward and most importantly a human being you can trust with your life and your rights then this is the man to call. I could not be more satisfied with the courtesy and respect and my overall experience with this law firm. This may be the first time I have reviewed anything but I find it necessary to because it was hard to find a lawyer the possessed the social and human qualities I was looking for in a lawyer. A lawyer you can trust is very hard to find and I don't trust very easily. The day I hired attorney Dingus, I knew my case was in good hands and we won. Anytime I had a question or made a phone call it was returned promptly and my answer was fully addressed to my full and complete understanding. I would recommend this law firm to anyone looking for a lawyer who is not guilty. I am so very grateful to have found this law firm because the lawyer I had hired before wanted me to take the plea deal and had I done that my life would be looking a lot different right now. Thank you, Jonathan Dingus, and your staff (you have an amazing secretary!) for treating me like a human being and standing up for me in Federal Court. You have given me my life back - for that, there is no price tag. Also finding a lawyer that is versed and has the credentials to practice law in a Federal Court of Law is very hard to find in Bay County. My faith in humanity and the justice system has been restored because of them and my experience knowing that there are lawyers out there who are lawyers for good reasons because they believe in the law. I have my life back and peace of mind I can't say enough good things.

~ Heather Lee, Panama City

Jonathan Dingus is out of this world! He is very professional and his secretary is amazing!

~ Magnolia, Panama City



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