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In a society that sees divorce as a failure, it is hard to move beyond the emotional turmoil and focus on your legal issues. Let Jonathan W. Dingus be your rational voice.

With more than 20 years' experience protecting clients' rights in northwest Florida, Jonathan W. Dingus, Attorney at Law, has the experience and the ability to work under pressure that can help get you through your divorce proceedings.

Contact us for an initial consultation to discuss your divorce case with a lawyer who will listen to you, identify the issues that are important to you and design a legal strategy that will help you protect your assets and your relationship with your children.



Wide Range of Divorce Matters

We can represent you in a wide range of matters related to divorce and marriage dissolution, including:

• Division of property: Our goal is equitable distribution. We will help you protect what is yours as you begin your new life.

• Child Custody: We will fight for the physical custody (where the children reside) and legal custody (decision-making) arrangement that you want for your children.

• Child Support: Any child support paid should go directly to your children and be for their good. We will argue for the appropriate amount in court.

• Visitation: No matter what was done in the past, your children are important to you. If you do not have custody of your children, we will defend your right to see them.


Domestic Violence in the Divorce Context

If you are going through a divorce or other family law issue that involves domestic violence, we can help. Our law firm focuses on criminal defense while offering our clients a wide range of services. We have the experience and the knowledge to help you with both your divorce and your domestic assault charges. Whether you need an attorney to take immediate action to get you a restraining order, or you have been accused of domestic violence while going through the process of divorce, we are here for you.

We understand that your children are important to you. Whether you are in danger of losing time with your children through a custody battle or because of domestic violence charges, our law firm will fight to keep you and your children together.


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