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Child Support


One thing that both parents can agree on is that it costs money to raise a child. While there may be disagreements about how much money it costs, this is one issue that Florida law has made relatively straightforward. In most cases, there are clear guidelines that dictate how child support payments will be calculated. However, it is important that you have a skilled lawyer on your side to ensure that payments are calculated correctly.




Ensuring Accurate Calculation of Child Support Payments


While the guidelines are clear about how child support payments are to be calculated and there are even child support calculators available online, there is still a potential for error. At the Dingus law firm in Panama City, we know that accurate payments start with accurate information about each parent's income. We review information to ensure that all reported income amounts are accurate and account for income from all sources. With this information, we can be certain that child support payments will be fair.


Is Deviation From the Guidelines Possible?


While the guidelines will be followed in the vast majority of cases, there are situations in which deviation is not only possible, but important to ensure that the child gets the necessary financial support. In divorce and paternity cases, child support guidelines only address certain income levels, and they may not take every extenuating circumstance into account. We make certain that, if there is reason or opportunity to deviate from the guidelines, it is taken. We are committed to helping you get fair child support payments.


We also assist with child support enforcement and modification.


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