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Sex Crimes


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Being accused of or questioned about any type of sex crime is alarming and intimidating. Where others may rush to judgement, you can depend on attorney Jonathan Dingus to take a calm, thorough approach to your situation and focus on what is best for you.



Many sex crime charges involve use of computers, making it important that you choose a lawyer who is well-versed in the unique technological issues that come into play in these cases. We have the knowledge and experience to defend you against computer sex crime charges such as possession of child pornography or solicitation of a child over the Internet. We also defend against other computer crimes, including fraud and identity theft.

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Whatever suspicions or accusations are in play, you have a right to qualified legal counsel. With penalties up to life in prison as well as your personal reputation in play, it is essential to exercise that right. We urge you to contact us before answering any questions or making statements — even assertions of your innocence — to law enforcement.

Fighting False Allegations

In our years of Florida law practice, we have handled many serious sex crime and computer crime cases. We know that many sex crime investigations proceed based on someone's accusations alone, and that false allegations can arise from a desire for revenge, a divorce or custody dispute, or mistaken identity.

We will defend your rights and freedom tenaciously and force the prosecution to present a strong case based on real evidence, when you are accused of, or under suspicion for, sex crimes such as:

•  Sexual battery — which may include rape or other forms of sexual assault

•  Lewd and lascivious acts involving a minor, such as statutory rape or child molestation

•  Stalking, physically or via the Internet and e-mail

•  Possession or distribution of child pornography, or other types of child abuse

•  Cyber crimes including downloading underage pornography and harassment via social media and texts 


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