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Property Crimes


Burglary, Theft and Fraud Defense in Panama City

As former prosecutor, we know how challenging it can be to build a strong case for conviction on a property crime such as burglary or criminal mischief. As active defense attorney today, we apply this knowledge in striving for case dismissals, acquittals at trial and other favorable outcomes for our clients in Bay County and across northwest Florida.

Whether you have been falsely accused or have made a mistake and need a skilled lawyer to advise you and negotiate for you, we can help, beginning with an initial consultation.



Misdemeanor or Felony Defense by Proven, Respected Lawyer

With years experience, our Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney are well-prepared to defend you — or your child in a juvenile case — against charges such as:

•  Burglary from a car, house, apartment or business

•  Grand theft of property worth over $300 — a felony that can carry a prison term up to five years

•  Petit theft or retail theft (e.g., shoplifting)

•  Embezzlement, fraud, identity theft and other "white collar" crimes that may involve the use of a computer

•  Criminal mischief (vandalism)

•  Dealing in stolen property


We keep the burden of proof where it belongs: squarely with the prosecution. We take advantage of legal factors like:

•  Possession of stolen property alone is not sufficient evidence to prove that you committed theft or burglary. Prosecutors must link you to each element of the more serious crime by witness testimony or physical evidence.

•  Motive — such as having been involved in a prior dispute — is not itself sufficient to convict you of a property crime.

•  Intent to commit a crime can often be questioned effectively in a burglary case.


Approaching Your Case According to Your Needs and Priorities

Prosecutors may be more willing to negotiate when dealing with property crimes than violent crimes. Further, in many property crime cases, the primary goal of the "victim" is the return of his or her property or cash compensation. We have helped keep numerous clients out of jail by negotiating restitution or other alternatives.

At Jonathan Dingus, Attorney at Law, we have the legal knowledge and experience to assess your case and provide counsel to help you make sound decisions. To tell us your story and begin considering your legal options, please contact us today .


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