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Panama City, Florida, Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Dingus law firm, we focus exclusively on putting our legal knowledge and extensive experience to work helping Florida residents and visitors protect their futures. If you are facing criminal charges or are going through a divorce in northwest Florida and need quality counsel and representation, we can help. Contact us now for an initial consultation.

Experience You Can Trust — Knowledge of Legal Options and Strategies

Having a dedicated, proven lawyer on your side can make all the difference in your criminal defense case. Jonathan W. Dingus has practiced law in Florida since 1989.

As a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, he meets very specific standards set by the Florida Bar Association for trial experience and ongoing education. His past experience as a state prosecutor allows in-depth insight into the charges, evidence, courts, and officials instrumental in determining your fate. You can depend on his knowledge and ability to defend your rights.

In addition to criminal law, we also provide representation in divorce and other family law matters. We come to divorce cases with the same commitment to protecting your rights, along with a willingness to work hard to guide you toward a future you can be happy with.

Delivering the Right Approach for Your Situation

We welcome and energetically represent people in a wide range of circumstances. Every case begins with a thorough examination of the facts and the specifics of the situation. We fully appreciate the unique challenges of your case.

Anyone may encounter a family law situation. Anyone can make a mistake and run afoul of law enforcement. No one is totally immune to false allegations or violations of their rights. When you must deal with any legal matter, contact Jonathan W. Dingus to provide aggressive defense of your freedom, privileges and interests.